CrossFit 406 was founded in September 2011 by owner and head coach Brooks Lindquist.  Brooks started by training his friends and family out of his parents’ garage and quickly realized his passion for helping others would not reach its full potential until he opened a brick and mortar location.  Over the years the staff has grown and the community has flourished due to awesome people like you becoming a part of it.  Our gym is now operated by a team of professional coaches in a 4,800 square foot facility that offers strength and conditioning classes to all athletes ranging from beginners to seasoned CrossFit veterans.  We are constantly striving to foster an environment that is both friendly and competitive where all members can achieve results and accomplish their goals through community support and our coach’s top-level knowledge.  



      Our values are contagious. COMMUNITY. FITNESS. LIFESTYLE. In that order. CommunitY is first because every person who steps through our doors is welcomed as family and will be treated as such. We want this to be the best hour of your day where you can be yourself and be amongst friends working towards a common goal. This community will hold you accountable and motivate you on the days you feel your worst and cheer for you the days you feel your best. Fitness will be a byproduct of any decent workout regimen, but we believe our method to be tried and true. Your results will be measurable over time, whether your goal is weight loss, lifting more weight, or improving your conditioning – if you show up and put forth the effort, the results will happen. Lifestyle is our third value because we believe health is something you take with you wherever you go, whenever you go there.  We want fitness and nutrition to become something you prioritize over the course of your lifetime, not just for a few months at a time.  Your health is a lifelong journey that starts with you and is influenced by every decision you make and joining CrossFit 406 is a huge step in the right direction!




701 River Drive S. Unit #4/5

Great Falls, MT 59405



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